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parody Satiric or ironic imitation of an existing work.
pay-per-view Audiovisual distribution mode allowing a user to view a work or a broadcast against payment, while the timing of the broadcast takes place in the course of a time-defined programme sequence.
piracy Unauthorised usage of an interpretation, a performance or a reproduction/recording of a protected work
plagiarism Act of publishing and/or offering a third-party work (or parts thereof) as one's own work.
pre-existing work Existing work (or parts thereof) used to create a new work derived from it.
private copying rights Right to receive remuneration for the reproduction for private purposes. This kind of right to remuneration is exclusively managed by collective management organisations.
private usage Usage for purely personal purposes or usage within a circle of persons closely linked to each other (e.g. close friends or relatives). 
ProLitteris   Swiss collective management organisation for literature, photography and visual arts
public domain Works whose term of protection has expired and which can thus be used without being subject to payment of a remuneration fall into the so-called category of "public domain" (common property).
publication First public presentation of a work
publication right Exclusive right of an author to make the work available to the public for the first time
publishing contract Contract by means of which an author grants a publisher the right to produce and distribute copies of his work.