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chain of rights In the audiovisual field in particular, the production and usage of a work is often governed by a row of contracts with certain rights being assigned from one contract to the next. Is it is important to maintain logic and coherence (see also: rights reservation clause).
CISAC International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers
co-author Natural person involved in the creation of a work together with one (or more) other person(s).  Co-authors hold the same status as authors.
collective management organisation There are five collective management organisations (CMOs) in Switzerland for authors' and related rights: ProLitteris, SSA, SUISSIMAGE, SUISA, SWISSPERFORM
collective work A work created by several authors in a more or less close cooperation where individual contributions cannot be separated from each other and which cannot be regarded as works individually. Typical example: Dramatico-musical works.
commissioned work Work created on the basis of a contract commissioning a work.
Common Law Legal system which is used particularly in the US and the UK.
common tariff Conditions governing the collection of remuneration under the scope of mandatory collective management, negotiated between the Swiss collective management organisations and the associations representing work users.  The tariffs are authorised by the Swiss Federal Arbitration Commission for copyright and related rights.
composite work A work compiled from pre-existing works. The authors of the original works are not personally involved in the compilation.
Continental copyright Legal system, as it is mainly in effect in Europe (civil law)
CopA Swiss Federal Act on Copyright and Related Rights (Copyright Law)
copyright Entirety of legal provisions attributing the author of a work moral and proprietary privileges.
copyright contract Contract by means of which an author grants a work user certain rights.