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SAA Society of Audiovisual Authors. SAA represents the interests of collective management organisations and their audiovisual author members at European level.
SACD Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques – French authors' society; the first of its kind (founded in 1777)
script Original work or adaptation of an existing work to be used as the basis for making a film.
script consultant Someone specialising in the analysis of scripts and treatments (such as the first draft of a screenplay). As script consultants do not contribute to the work itself, they are not regarded as co-authors of a work.
serial programme Work consisting of several episodes following a specific sequence, building up a coherent story.
series Audiovisual work consisting of several episodes using the same basic elements yet telling a self-contained story each time.
simulcast Simultaneous, unaltered and unabridged transmission of radio and TV broadcasts via internet.
small rights Rights pertaining to the performance of non-theatrical musical works
stage music Music used as part of a stage performance. A distinction has to be made between music added to a spoken theatrical work and music created specifically for dramatico-musical works such as opera, operetta, ballet, musicals etc.
statutory work deposit In some countries, the law requires that the work be deposited for it to be protected. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, a state may, however, not make the protection dependent on such a deposit.
SUISA Swiss cooperative managing the rights of authors of musical works. SUISA represents the so-called "small rights". Those rights include non-theatrical musical works, concert versions of theatrical and musical works for feature and TV films. SUISA issues a licence to its customers, i.e. concert organisers, record producers, radio and TV broadcasters and others, so that they may perform, broadcast, disseminate and reproduce said music. Grand rights such as operas or musicals are managed by the Société Suisse des Auteurs, SSA. Source: www.suisa.ch
SUISSECULTURE Umbrella association of professional creative artists in Switzerland. Members are Swiss professional associations from various sectors (writers, journalists, media professionals, musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists etc.) and Swiss copyright societies.
SWISSPERFORM SWISSPERFORM asserts claims against users on behalf neighbouring rights' owners. The rights arise in connection with the secondary usage of their performances.  Among those entitled to receive remuneration from SWISSPERFORM are performers (performing artists) and producers (producers of audio and audiovisual recordings), in the audio and audiovisual sectors respectively. Source: www.swissperform.ch